Kid's Big (Grades 1-4)

The safety and security of your children are extremely important to us. Our check-in and pick-up process is easy yet very effective. Our goal is for you to enjoy the service, knowing your kids are secure, while having a great time and learning about Jesus.

After dropping your child off, relax and enjoy the service! Our teams serve to ensure your children are well taken care of, and have a great experience while in our care. However, if you are needed, we will display your 3-digit code on the monitors in service to alert you. Please be attentive to the screens throughout the service; and if your number is displayed, head to the Kids Link area to speak with a leader.
From your child’s first visit, we will collect some basic information to get to know your child, and enter them into our system. From then on, each time you check-in, both you and your child will receive a security sticker with a matching 3-digit code, valid only for that day. We ask that both you and your child wear this sticker visibly on clothing, until you leave. When dropping your child off, you will have the opportunity to share any information with one of our leaders that will help in caring for your child; such as feeding, sleeping times, and/or allergies.

If you will be visiting with us soon, meet us at our New Family Check In Counter to get your family checked-in to our system and ready for Kids Link!
Pick-up is a breeze. First, you will be asked to show your security sticker prior to entering the secure Kids Link area. (Wearing your sticker visibly helps keep this process moving quickly.) A leader will then match the number on your child’s sticker to the number on your sticker, prior to releasing them.
***If you happen to misplace your security sticker during service, proper identification will be required for release in order to match you and your child in our system.

That’s it! Getting your little ones to Kids Link on Sundays is simple, and efficient. We hope to see you and your children this Sunday for worship.
What to Expect
As you escort your child to their classroom, a Kids Link Team Member will meet you at the door to welcome your child. Upon entering the doors, your child will notice several games and activities throughout the room, including a Bounce House, Basketball Hoops, and Foosball to name a few. It is our responsibility to make your child feel welcome, loved and at home while they are in Kids Big. While your child is enjoying the game stations, a leader will be sure to connect with them to make sure they are engaged in the game, playing with the other children and building relationships.

Kids Link engages your kids with a three song worship set. This set includes two upbeat praise songs and one worship song. We highly encourage the kids to give God their “all” during the worship song; at the same time, we allow them to worship God in the style that meets their comfort level.

We use Hillsong Kids BIG curriculum in our Kids Link Big Class. Your child will learn Biblical truths that can be applied in their lives, all while having fun! Bible verses, songs, games, and videos are all used to emphasize the theme and focus of the lesson.

Once the video lesson is complete, children divide into age and gender specific life groups. We begin each group with prayer. During life group, we focus on an activity that emphasizes the lesson, connection questions and prayer. Prayer is one of the big wins for the life group time! During Life Groups, we also pass out snacks. The snacks change weekly and are posted on the door at the entrance of the classroom. Please make any allergies aware to our teachers so we can accommodate your child’s specific needs.